CRH Serbia is part of the CRH Group which is a leading producer and supplier of building materials: cement, aggragates, Ready-Mix concrete and accompanying services.

CRH Serbia is commited to establishing highest standards in relation to customer satisfaction and sustainable development within the construction industry in Serbia. In order to achieve this, we use the Integrated Management System focused on occupational health and safety management, environmental protection and good quality of goods and services. Our aim is to ensure  safe, secure and sustainable operations  which completely satisfy the needs of our customers and stakeholders and applicable laws. On account of this, our priorities are as follows:

  1. Occupational Health and Safety

Ensure that occupational health and safety is an inseparable part of our every day life, and a prerequisite for work. Our goal is achieving zero injuries in the workplace, for our employees, contractors and visitors. In order to achieve this, we invest in equipment and buildings, continuously improve OH&S risk management striving for best practice. Through ongoing trainings and campaigns, we develop the OH&S awareness of our employees, contractors and visitors.

  1. Environmental Protection and Corporate Social Responsibility

CRH Serbia is commited to sustainable development and compliance with legal regulations regarding environmental protection in all aspects of our business operations in Serbia, and is trying , through best management practices, to protect the environment. CRH Serbia is trying to minimize waste generation and emissions and optimize the usage of resources in order to reduce the effect they have on the environmental protection to the lowest possible extent. CRH Serbia offers modern solutions to the waste management issue in local communities and industry providing services such as co-processing of various types of waste materials.

  1. Product Quality and Customer Focus

CRH Serbia is commited to providing high quality products and services which completely satisfy the expectations and needs of customers and stakeholders, in compliance with applicable laws, thus creating mutually useful relations.

  1. Process and System Approach

Company management is based on the management system principles whose aim is to create effective communication and usage of all resources with continual process improvement.

  1. Employee Involvement

We ensure employee involvement at all management levels in order to provide them with the opportunity to fully use their abilities, creativity and responsibility in favour of common success, customer satisfaction and creation of a healthy and safe workplace and environment.

  1. Efficient Use of Resources and Achievement of Results

Our job is to produce certified products and provide quality services in an efficient manner, in order to be competitive in all our markets. Decison making process is implemented through analysis of all available information.

IMS Policy priorities have been elaborated in detail in the IMS objectives, projects and programmes.

In Popovac, 03.12.2015, CRH Serbia

Integrated management system policy


Saša Matić