CRH Serbia is dedicated to development of long-term relationships with present and potential suppliers through contractual partner relations, internationally, regionally and locally. Such relation is one of the factors which can guarantee continually high quality of our products and services.

We are dedicated to highest legal, ethical and moral standards, defined in our “Code of Business Conduct”. Business ethics and corporate social responsibility are the priority in our business dealings, including those with our suppliers, both direct and indirect, by which we acknowledge that they are the key to the succes of our buisness.

The fact that our demands in respect of procurement are really high is not surprising; we expect our suppliers to share our desire to excel, to be innovative, efficient and quality driven. In the first place, we choose only the suppliers who share our unwavering commitment  to good ethical practice which satisfy our standards in respect to human rights, health and safety and environmental management.

We are glad to find out more about your company and offer. Should you be interested, feel free to contact us.