Binder for road stabilization HRB E2

In response to the market demand, CRH Serbia included in its range of products Binder for road stabilization type HRB class E2, which is primarily specially designed for road construction companies.

Besides optimum initial and final strengths, a very important property of this binder is an optimum initial setting time.

Previous examples of good practice

In 1970s and 1980s, hydraulic binder was frequently used for road stabilization. According to classification and nomenclature of cement of that time, that particular type of binder had the mark  HV 25. This road stabilization binder was used for construction of road sections Belgrade-Novi Sad-Subotica, a large part of the new road surface of the Zagreb-Belgrade-Niš highway and for multiple sections of trunk roads, e.g. Novi Sad-Zrenjanin, the Beočin bypass, etc.

The gravel layer stabilized with HV 25 was usually 20 cm thick with the usage of  (weight) around 5% of hydraulic binder. The experience proved that the most important factors for road stabilization are the uniform quality and regular delivery.

Problems occuring due to lack of appropriate binder for road base stabilization

For road base stabilization, it is essential to use a binder of a low strength class. Instead of using a hydraulic binder  HV 25 for road base stabilizazion, cement with a higher strength class would often be used (final strength over 25 MP),which would , as a rule, result in large cross cracks when binding the stabilization layer, or later, with temperature drops. Such cracks would often reflect through other asphalt layers towards the road surface.

Solutions – Hydraulic road binder HRB E2 from the CRH Serbia production range

Serbian standard referring to hydraulic road binders SRPS EN 13282-1:2015, offers the possibility to produce four different classes of road stabilization binders:

Comprehensive strength (MPa)

Label Strength class After 7 days After 28 days
HRB E 2 ≥ 5,0 ≥ 12,5       ≤ 32,5
HRB E 3 ≥ 10,0 ≥ 22,5       ≤ 42,5
HRB E 4 ≥ 16,0 ≥ 32,5       ≤ 52,5
HRB E 4-RS ≥ 16,0 ≥ 32,5

According to the Serbian standard referring to hydraulic road binders, depending on the available material and practice, i.e. experience, different binders can be used for stabilization of different layers of road surface.

CRH Serbia is producing a hydraulic binder for road stabilization HRB E2. The decision to produce this class of binders is based on positive experience which was proved in practice in our country.

Properties of binders for road base stabilization

  • Uniform quality
  • Optimum initial and final setting time
  • Reduced and slower hydration heat development
  • Low alkali content
  • Optimum strength


This binder was specially designed for road base stabilization prior to asphalting. The binder is a good solution for stabilization in many cases , especially for construction of new road and highway road surface. The road layer consisting of stone aggregate (0/31mm) which was stabilized with the binder for road base stabilization, is responsible for keeping deformations in the road grade, occuring due to preassure imposed on the road base, within allowed limits.

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