Low-heat sulfate- resistant cement  CEM III / B 32.5 N-LH/SR

  • Sulfate resistant
  • Low hydration heat
  • Suitable for production of plain concrete in hot weather

CRH Serbia is the first domestic producer of sulfate resistant cement which, at the same time, is characterized by low hydration heat. In this way, CRH has developed and increased its production with the cement type which is very important for infrastructural projects. Using this cement  type, concrete of extended durability is obtained even if the concrete is exposed to aggressive sulfates. This type of cement is recommended even to producers of plain concrete, especially in hot weather conditions, with outside temperatures exceeding 20˚C. Bulk cement   CEM III/B 32.5 N-LH/SR has been on sale since January 2012.


  • M 20K 32,5 N – LH/SR
  • CEM III/B 32,5 N – LH/SR.

Cement quality Code and Standards

Properties of low-heat sulfate- resistant cement type CEM III/B 32.5 N-LH/SR

  • Low concrete strength gain at an early age
  • High rate of final strength gain (after 28 days)
  • Very low Tricalcium Aluminate (C3A) content
  • Extremely low alkali content
  • Low hydration heat
  • Extremely light-coloured
  • Optimum initial and final setting time
  • Compatible with chemical additives
  • Enables efficient usage of chemical additives, resulting in enhanced properties of fresh and hardened concrete (reduced water quantity, better fluidity, etc.)
  • Uniform quality

Application of low-heat sulfate-resistant cement type CEM III/B 32.5 N-LH/SR

  • Production of concrete resistant to sulfate agression, as well as construction of structures placed in damp and agressive environments rich in sulfates;
  • Construction of waste water treatment systems, sewage and drainage systems, irrigation systems, underground works, soil stabilization and injection, road construction, coastal and naval buildings;
  • Production of concrete of long-term durability;
  • Production of mass concrete and construction of massive construction projects (dams, tunnels, foundations, bridges…);
  • Production of concrete with low strength gain at an early age, and high final strength gain (piles);
  • Production of ready-mix plain concrete  (traditional concrete mixes, pumped, self-compacting) for concreting in hot weather i.e. with outside temperatures exceeding 20˚C;
  • Production of concrete for construction of livestosk and poultry farms;
  • Light-colour of the cement makes it ideal for application  in architecture;
  • Production of concrete precasts – the light colour of the cement enables its application in production of kerbs.

Technical assistance

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