NoviMal – a perfect partner for you and your walls

Our customers are already very well familiar with the fact that CRH Serbia is continuosly working on introduction of new products and on development of the present product range. Since March  2014, CRH has been producing NoviMal, a binder, which represents an advanced, unique masonry and plastering solution.

Masonry and plastering binder, NoviMal, is delivered to customers in 25kg bags, palletized and protected with a high-quality foil. On customer’s request, it can be delivered in bulk and transported in tanks to the final consumer.

Product development

The idea to produce NoviMal originated from the intention to help a large number of customers bying masonry and plastering binders by offering them this binder thanks to which they do not have to add cement when preparing masonry and plastering mortars. How have we achieved this? We have changed the former binder content formula and thus obtained a new product with improved important properties.

The new product of CRH Serbia is intended for professionals, as well as for those who need partner support for successful execution of works. NoviMal is an ideal solution for masonry and plastering works. Its preparation and usage according to the DIY principle is easy and simple. NoviMal is a perfect partner for you and your walls.

Mortar mixtures with NoviMal are of uniform quality and extended workbaility time, by which all requirements for successful masonry and plastering works have been met. We have to point out that after having conducted a testing of mortar mixtures with NoviMal at the Institute for Testing of Materials (IMS) in Belgrade,  we have established a special masonry mortar mix design for interior and exterior masonry works.

Properties of CRH NoviMal

  • Produced from natural materials
  • Simple preparation and usage
  • Uniform quality
  • Eco-friendly
  • Light-coloured
  • Economic
  • Optimum water retention ability
  • Optimum early setting time and strength
  • Optimum air-entrained content

Advantages of mortar made with NoviMal:

Using NoviMal, our customers get a high-quality mortar:

  • “Breathing” walls
  • Damp-free walls
  • Fresh mortar with optimum workability time
  • Fresh mortar with compacting ability
  • Mortar adheres perfectly to the plaster base made of brick, concrete or aerated concrete
  • Minimum shrinkage of mortar after hydration
  • Good wall strength
  • Hardened mortar is frost resistant
  • Hardened mortar is durable

How to get mortar out of NoviMal?

Novimal Sand (0-4mm)
Masonry works: 1 3
Interior plastering 1 4
Exterior plastering 1 3,5

By mixing, in the above presented volume ratio, of NoviMal and sand, with addition of the amount of water necessary to achieve the desired workability, high-quality mortar is obtained.

In compliance with the correct masonry mix with CRH NoviMal, you can prepare fresh or hardened mortar whose properties have been adjusted to masonry works, which has the following end result:

  • Good wall strength

In compliance with the plastering mix with CRH NoviMal, you can prepare fresh or hardened mortar whose properties have been adjusted to satisfy the requirements for interior and exterior plastering works, which has the following end result:

  • Plastered walls with no cracks,
  • Dump free walls,
  • “Breathing“ walls .

Technical assistance

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