Popovac, June 3, 2020 – CRH Serbia organized the eleventh in a row competition “Partnership for the Future” with the aim of supporting various initiatives in the function of developing areas related to the local economy, community and environment.

The competition was opened from March 16, 2020 to April 30, 2020 for all non-profit organizations, institutions and associations of citizens registered in the municipality of Paracin.

By the decision of the jury, composed of representatives of the company CRH Serbia, and in accordance with the Terms of the competition, the following winners of the eleventh in a row competition “Partnership for the Future” were announced:

  • Association of citizens “Đurđevdan” – „With Education to Equality II“ (Preparation of Roma children for school)
  • General Hospital Paracin  „No tools no craft“ (Equipping the surgical department)
  • Ecological Education Center „EKOS” – “ECO alarm” (New web and android application for measuring environmental impacts)
  • Center for Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation “Smart Connections” – “Local economic development after Covid19” (Helping the local economy get out of the crisis)
  • Association for Cultivation of tradition, culture, art, tourism and ecology “Petrus” – „Tourism and cultural heritage for the development of the Petruska region” (Improvement of access roads in the Petrushka area)
  • NGO “UNEKOOP” – „Building with less CO2” (Development of an android application for calculating the carbon footprint of building materials)
  • High school Gymnasium Paracin – “School in the Cloud” (Equipping an IT cabinet)
  • Citizens’ Association – Serbian Society for Emergency Situations – “Map now for a healthier future!” (Development of the Cadaster of illegal landfills and dumps in the municipality of Paracin)
  • Civil Movement – Free Choice – „Paracin E-market” (Development of a web platform for the agricultural products exchange)
  • Chess Club Paraćin – “Through a game of chess to a healthy personality (Popularization of chess among primary school students in the municipality of Paracin)

We wish to the winners a lot of success in the realization of their projects and we thank all the organizations and institutions that participated in the competition this year.


CRH Serbia


Zorica Radovanović